We Want You! Join STS by doing the following:

1) Sent us a request using the forms below to Join =STS= Clan

2) After approval you can add your clan tag to your name

3) Play on the server and talk with us the Squad Speak

4)  To use Ventrilo  at   STSBF2.TYPEFRAG.COM:9590 you must
     Go to VENTRILO.COM or TYPEFRAG.COM and go to the download
      section and download the Ventrilo Version for you system, 
      Right click on the shortcut that runs Ventrilo and go to the compatabily
      and click RUN as Administrator.
     Then run ventrilo, add new and put in your name or IGN, then under
     server add: IP= stsbf2.typefrag.com and port is 9590
     Leave password blank for now, when while your on
     ventrilo, I will set up the account with you.

5) Join the =STS= clan and play the game 

Once you have proven yourself for a few weeks in the clan then  leadership will vote on your position to  JR Admin - Game On!

=STS= Clan Request





Join [STS] Seal Team Six
 This Form is To Join =STS=
use the Logon sceen in the FORUMS to JOIN the Forums