Ventrilo Setup

                                      Ventrilo Setup:

Go to and download the Ventrilo version for your computer

Run Ventrilo     The arrows at the right of the blank box  are the edit keys

Edit User Name         Select:      New

Enter:  your IGN with your Clan Tag with (In Game Name with your  =STS= tag)

                           Example:    [STS] LastQuencher      then  OK

Edit  Server    click NEW     add a Name  ( you can use anything here)  

                          Example:  Seal Team Six      then OK

Add Hostname or IP:      Enter

Add Port number:           9590  Enter

Password:     You will put your password here   AFTER    it has been set up

                            LEAVE IT BLANK FOR NOW

Click   OK   and then hit:  Connect

GO TO  SETUP  then click on the  Hotkey block and select the key you want to transmit with.   I use  Left Alt

The default is   Keyboard Left Ctrl    (Control)

When I catch you on ventrilo, We will set up the Chat Rooms for you.   You can also adjust your Volume in Setup

After I catch you on ventrilo We will set up your Password you want to use,  then you can  Disconnect and EDIT the  Server Setting and add your Password click OK and Connect, You will can click on the Rooms to move to it.  Use the Comment box to put something after you name if your going to be AFK             

You can contact me at  to add your IGN and password in a private message

Enjoy:   [STS] LastQuencher