Our mission is to bring back military teamwork within our squads and teams. We like to concentrate on organizational, tactical and communication skills.

We strive on making it fun while incorporating all these important combat skills and making your gaming experience in [STS] strategic but also enjoyable. We feel we have recruited a great team of administrators in our clan. Our administrators show respect for each other, our members and most importantly our guests.

[STS] administrators are not present just to kick and ban unruly players; they oversee other concerns and duties outside of the server to protect the integrity of our clan as well. I will be the first to admit our team of administrators is very supportive of [STS]. Administrators also do their best to eliminate the disrespectful players, cheaters and hackers that try to infiltrate our server.

We have zero tolerance for disrespectful and unruly gamers. I would like to thank [STS] administrators, members and all who visit [STS] Seal Team Six.

See you on the battlefield

[STS] Greener647

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